Formerly Manufactured by Lucent Technologies and AT&T
Avaya Merlin Legend

Welcome to Telephone Man of America's AVAYA MERLIN LEGEND web page! 

AVAYA phone systems were formerly made by Lucent Technologies and prior to that AT&T.

AVAYA enables businesses to achieve superior results by designing, building and managing their communications infrastructure and solutions. For over one million businesses worldwide, including more than 90 percent of the FORTUNE 500®, AVAYA's embedded solutions help businesses enhance value, improve productivity and create competitive advantage by allowing people to be more productive and create more intelligent processes that satisfy customers.

The AVAYA/LUCENT/AT&T MERLIN LEGEND telephone system has a capacity of up to 200 extensions/phones and up to 12 simultaneous users on the Merlin Messaging Voice Mail Solution.  The AVAYA Merlin Legend telephone system has been serving America since 1995 and had 7 releases and then was migrated to the AVAYA MERLIN MAGIX series which had 4 releases to stay current with technology.  The AVAYA Merlin Legend/Magix series are no longer manufactured for purchase as of October 2006 and are only available in refurbished/like new condition.  The AVAYA migration path is the Avaya IP Office 500 V2
and is VoIP capable and expandable up to 360 phones.

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If you already have an Avaya Merlin Legend system and need some programming assistance please read over the Avaya Merlin Legend Programming Manual and User's Guide or if you are looking to expand please refer to the Avaya Merlin Legend Inventory Instructions to determine the release of your system and the available features - see the Avaya Merlin Legend Features Matrix - and what your current capacities are and what migration paths are available to best meet your needs.  If you need a professional recording to advertise your company or to play music for your customers while they are on hold please review our MUSIC-ON-HOLD options.  If you have a phone that needs to be replaced just purchase another AVAYA MERLIN LEGEND PHONE and plug it in as all programming is stored the system processor and not the phone itself!


Programming and Support:

We offer phone support at $120.00 per 60 minutes with a 60 minute minimum billed in 60 minute increments of $120.00 after that.

We can also have a local technician come out (Anywhere in the country) at $145.00/hr with a $75.00 visit trip ($220.00 for the first hour billed in 1 hour increments of $145.00 after that).  If wiring is needed in a standard office environment with drywall and drop ceilings and within 120’ of the processor they are $95.00 each – individual wire runs are needed from the phone system processor to each individual phone for a phone system.

After 5 P.M. technician rates become time and a half rates of $217.50/hr with a $75.00 visit trip ($292.50 for the first hour billed in 1 hour increments of $217.50 after that).

For New System Installs - Install estimates are based off of 30 minutes per phone and if a system voice mail solution is involved 45 minutes per extension not to exceed 3 hours over that estimate.  Trouble shooting is not included in the estimate and if applicable is billed separately.  You will be billed for actual time and material.  

A $75.00 visit trip may apply after periods of 8 hours and up to the discretion of Telephone Man of America LLC whether or not to apply any additional visit trip fees.

Support fees are subject to Technician availability and Phone Support and System Type and are subject to change at the discretion of Telephone Man of America LLC

** Pricing may vary

Are you tired of your old cordless TransTalk or 3910 cordless phones not having the range needed for your business? Now introducing the newly released 3920 cordless phone!  The part number for this phone is 700471121.  (This Phone Will Work On An 016 Etr Expansion Board Along With Any Other Partner Phones -  Partner Phones)  The big differences are that the Avaya Partner 3920 Cordless phone has 8 programmable buttons that can be used for line appearance or for system features and the 3920 has repeaters to extend the range.  The range of the Avaya Partner 3920 Cordless Phone in an open field line of site environment is 700 feet and for an in building environment the range between 100 to 350 with 160 feet being the average range from a base unit or repeater.  A maximum of 20 radio transmitting devices (base units and repeaters) can be installed at one site. Up to six of those devices can be base units.  The base units must be located at least 17 feet apart from one another. The repeaters must be located at least 35 feet apart from base units and other repeaters. Please note that each base station needs its own set of repeaters.  The coverage area depends on the environment.

For case studies see
Avaya Partner 3920 Cordless Phone Summary & Case Studies.  For more information see Avaya Partner 3920 Cordless Phone Fact Sheet Brochure.
  For the user and installation guides please go to the top of the page and select the BROCHURES ETC tab.

For the ultimate long range cordless phone there are the:

 Engenius DuraFon Cordless Phones.  They have the longest range with ranges up to 12 floors, up to 250,000 square feet and up to 300,000 acres in open field environments are the most durable long distance cordless phone system solution in the industry by each model being tested to withstand 54 drops onto concrete from 6 feet.  Engenius has specifically catered to the AVAYA PARTNER ACS phone system - see the Integration SheetPresentation Buy Now! or for more information go to www.EnGeniusCordlessPhones.com.

For pricing please contact me!

I will always do my best to match or beat any competitors bid!  

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